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When You Buy A Used Car “As Is” No Warranty, Do You Have Any Rights?

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If You Purchased Your Vehicle From A Private Owner

Purchasing a used car from a private owner is risky because not only may you be buying someone else’s problem, but there are very few laws that cover the transaction. Unless a private owner lies to you, and you can prove it, you may have little recourse.

If You Purchased Your Vehicle From a Dealer

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The answer to this question is maybe. Your legal rights are determined by the sales paperwork that you signed and whether or not lies or concealments occurred in the sales process. The sales process is not just the signing of the paperwork, but also includes any discussions you may have had with the salesperson or any dealer representative before you purchased the vehicle..

Typical questions a buyer may ask during the sales process include:

• Has this vehicle ever been in an accident or damaged?
• Is there anything wrong with this vehicle?
• What can you tell me about the history of this vehicle?
• Do you have the Carfax on this vehicle?
• Have you made any repairs to this vehicle?
• Is this the actual mileage on the vehicle?

If you later find out the dealer was not truthful or hid something important (like prior damage), you may have a fraud claim and/or other legal claims against the dealer. A car dealer has an obligation to know (knew or should have known) more about a vehicle than a private owner.

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